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About Spvwvky

Spvwvky is an ADHD content creator that focuses on Vtubing and multi-media. Spvwvky is mostly known for motion graphics and music. He is a multi-media artist that is mostly self-taught with over 14 years of graphic design experience, 1 year of animation, and 16 years in music. His music is available on all streaming music platforms and is DMCA-Free for streaming and YouTube videos.

Spvwvky first arrived on the VTuber scene in June of 2021. After finding an interest in the community, he wanted to find a way to help that community. Since then, he's built a reputation known for high quality and free/cheap stream assets. Spvwvky has a mostly-free and comprehensive stream asset library hosted on Ko-fi as well as a commission portfolio serving many members of the Vtuber and streaming community. In June of 2022, he began focusing on a pay-to-use model as a means to financially support himself while doing what he loves.

His 2D Vtuber model was made by @bunbun_mii and his 3D model was made by @MerowynnM

Profile Icon by Yoshiiteru

  • When did you start having an online presence?
    I started doing motion graphics and opened my shop in June of 2021. I was working in Cyber Security at the time and really didn't like my job, so I set out to start something new.
  • What do you enjoy offline?
    Hanging out with my wife and taking care of my plants!
  • Are you open to stream or art collabs?
    Yes! If you'd like to request a collab with me please use the collab page to submit details.
  • What did you do before this?
    I was in the Army as a 35T (Intelligence Systems Maintenance) and later switch to 17C (Cyber Operations Specialist) and was honorably discharged after 8 years of service. I did a lot of cool offensive cyber missions. After that, I worked for two private companies as part of federal contracts. It was during my time at that 2nd job that I started doing this because cyber security was making me unhappy, and I quit the cyber security field at the end of 2021.
  • What software do you use?
    For motion graphics, I use Adobe After Effects. For music, I use FL Studio 20.
  • Where & how do I have to credit you?
    Twitch: Credits panel YouTube: Video Description Social Media Posts: Either in the main post or in a reply (direct @'s are okay and encouraged) Adult Cam Websites: No credit required (Reason: I just don't want adult links populating in google search results for my name!) In the credit please hyperlink to either my Twitter or the ko-fi asset page.
  • What can I use your Ko-fi assets for?
    Personal use only. You may use them to edit your own videos, but you may not use them for editing a video for someone else. You can use them to stream providing you add the required credit. You may also use them for Youtube videos with credit. For VTuber debut videos specifically: If you are making your own debut video and want to use my work, you may as long as you credit. If you are a client commissioning someone else to make your debut video and want to include any of my work, full and specific credit is required detailing the assets used and the timestamps they are shown so as to not mix my work up with someone else's.
  • Can I use your Ko-fi shop assets for adult content/cam websites?
    Yes - in this case, there is no crediting requirement. The reason is that web pages with credit can appear in google search results for my name and I would like to keep my results relevant to me and safe for work!
  • Why don't you offer Background Music commissions?
    Music is my passion project, and I feel that making exclusive-use music would take away from a lot of the parts that I love about making music.
  • How do you take payment?
    I take payments via PayPal Invoice or Stripe Invoice. I use PayPal in most cases but if you'd like to use Stripe instead then arrangements can be made to do so. 50% of the payment is due for me to begin work, and 50% is due on completion before you receive the files. There are no refunds once work has begun and if you cannot finish your payment then the work will be modified and listed on my ko-fi shop as a paid public asset.
  • Your slots are full, can I still get in this month?
    No, you cannot, once slots are full I do not take any more work for my own mental health sake. You can still request work for next month. If you are a high-profile individual or corporation and need work done asap, send me an email with details of the request and I may be able to take it with additional rush order charges.
  • What projects will you be opposed to?
    Anything related to any hateful/harmful ideology or bigotry. I also refuse to work with people and organizations that support or promote harmful messages. I do not do any commissions related to music.
  • Do you offer discounts or payment plans?
    I do not offer discounts. Payment plans I can work with. Normally I charge 50% before work, and 50% after work. If that is out of your budget but you still really want a stinger from me, I can most likely work with you on a some sort of payment plan.
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