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About Spvwvky

Spvwvky is an ADHD content creator that focuses on Vtubing and multi-media. Spvwvky is mostly known for motion graphics and music. He is a multi-media artist that is mostly self-taught with over 14 years of graphic design experience, 1 year of animation, and 16 years in music. His music is available on all streaming music platforms and is DMCA-Free for streaming and YouTube videos.

Spvwvky first arrived on the VTuber scene in June of 2021. After finding an interest in the community, he wanted to find a way to help that community. Since then, he's built a reputation known for high quality and free/cheap stream assets. Spvwvky has a mostly-free and comprehensive stream asset library hosted on Ko-fi as well as a commission portfolio serving many members of the Vtuber and streaming community. In June of 2022, he began focusing on a pay-to-use model as a means to financially support himself while doing what he loves.

His 2D Vtuber model was made by @bunbun_mii and his 3D model was made by @MerowynnM

Profile Icon by Yoshiiteru

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