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To request a stinger slot, please fill the form out by clicking the button below. If you submitted a form last month and were not accepted, you will need to submit a new form. Prices can be viewed by scrolling down.

I reserve at most 4 slots per month.

Motion Design - Stingers

The only public service I am offering at the moment is stinger transitions. If you are a high-profile client or corporation and need to make a special request, please use my contact form and not the slot request form.

All payments are done in 50% increments with 50% due before I begin work and 50% due after completion of work before you receive the files. Refunds cannot be made once work has begun. Read full TOS for details.

Rush orders (orders due within 14 days of the start of the month) are +50% added of final invoice price.

Click here to view my current queue.


Base stinger transition cost with no sound effects. This base cost includes FULL commercial rights usage for the client and covers all software and plugin expenses as well as work time.

Unlimited change requests are allowed during work in progress. Changes cannot be made once finalized and full payment is complete.

Crediting is required in ALL PLACES the stinger appears unless you purchase no-credit stipulation.

Files Promised: 1080p .webm stinger, 720p webm stinger, .mp4 preview, instructions.txt


Optional cost for sound effects added to the stinger after visual work is complete.


Optional service to provide the client with the .AEX project file as well as the rights to edit it (or have someone else edit it).


Optional no credit stipulation. Purchasing this means you do not have to credit me, anywhere. Not on social media posts, not in your biography, not in your Twitch panels. However, when directly asked for artist credit you must still reply with my name as a courtesy - that is the only time credit is required.


Rush order/skip queue. Orders due within 14 days of request, or require skipping in front of people in the following months queue are +50% added of final invoice price.

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