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Terms of Service

By using any of my work, you are agreeing to all terms below. Failure to abide by my terms can result in a DMCA take-down notice. If you are confused by any terms or have questions, please contact me.

ToS Sections

General ToS

This section outlines umbrella terms that is applicable to ALL of my work.

Ko-Fi ToS

This section outlines terms applicable specifically to my Ko-fi shop assets.

Commissions ToS

This section outlines terms specific to commissioning work from me.

General ToS

  • You may not edit my work without receiving my express permission or purchasing project files and edit rights.

  • I reserve all rights to post any works online, on social media, and elsewhere for work promotional purposes and for my portfolio during creation, and after. I can and will respect requests to delay posting work until a debut date.

  • You must credit me for all work on any platforms it is displayed for details visit my FAQ.

  • I do NOT give you permission to use my work in relation to any blockchain technologies such as crypto, NFT’s, or any other related technologies of any kind. (This includes usage in any capacity by NFTubers)

Ko-Fi ToS

  • Ko-fi listings are not to be used in products created for other people. Do not use my transitions in videos being commissioned for others. Use my assets in the way they are clearly marked - other uses are permitted if for personal use only and you’re making a product by yourself, for yourself.

  • If you’d like to use my Ko-fi listings in school assignments, I hope it helps you get the A!

  • If you are commissioning another artist for something and want them to use my work, you may do so providing I am also credited in all places the work appears with specified timestamps/descriptors that indicate the portion that is my work.

Commission ToS


  • Price considerations include all time spent, revisions, commercial rights, customizability, and cost of software and plugins that I use to produce my work.

  • Submitting the commission form does NOT constitute an agreement to provide work. I accept only a certain amount of submissions per opening.

  • Please wait 7 days before asking if I've received or looked at your commission request (unless it is time sensitive).

  • Completion of work once started may take anywhere of 1-4 weeks depending on customer response time, complexity, and IRL obligations.

  • I will provide WIP screenshots and clips as realistically as I'm able to but reserve the right to stop if you are requesting too many WIP clips.

  • Source files for motion graphic animations (.AEX) will not be provided to you unless purchased.

  • I retain all rights to post the work online, on Twitter, and elsewhere for work promotional purposes and for my portfolio during creation, and after.

  • You must credit me on any platforms the work is shown with a hyperlink to my Twitter unless the no-credit stipulation is purchased.

  • Commission acceptance will be canceled 48 hours after I've initially contacted you if there is no response.


  • You are allowed unlimited adjustments and change requests to the WIP's, however once the payment is complete and files are created, major revisions will require additional payments based on complexity if project files are still available.

  • Future revisions may not be possible if I have not retained the original project files.

  • I will only retain source project files for 3 months after completion of order, after that I may delete them in the order of age to free disk space if necessary.


  • I require 50% payment before I begin work on your commission, and another 50% payment before final versions are delivered to you.

  • I accept most payment types via Paypal & Stripe, usually by direct invoice.

  • All commissions are non-refundable once work has begun.

  • In the event work cannot be completed for any reason of my own fault, you will be notified and given the choice of a 100% refund or postponement of work until a later date.

  • If your commission has been created and you cannot complete the final payment, I reserve the right to strip the work of identifiable branding to be released as a paid asset to recoup time spent. You will not receive a refund on your initial payment.

  • Rush orders due with a hard completion date within 14 days of initial request are an added additional 50% of the final cost.


  • Once final payment is received, work will be delivered within 24 hours.

  • Once the final result is approved by you, final renders will take place. I will also post the finished result on Twitter as a video to promote my work with an included @ to your Twitter unless requested to postpone for debut date.

  • The rendering and testing process may take several hours to complete depending on complexity. I test every stinger to make sure they work as intended, and re-render any that do not. If your commission will take longer than 24 hours to render you will be notified ahead of time.

  • Work will be delivered in the form of a zip archive on google drive sent via whatever communication method we are using. It will include a 720p version webm, and 1080p version webm, a .mp4 preview, and a .txt file containing links to setup tutorials and configuration parameters you need to use for proper display.

  • PROJECT FILES AND GOOGLE ARCHIVE WILL BE DELETED EVENTUALLY, MAKE SURE YOU MAKE YOUR OWN BACKUP OF THE .ZIP. This also means I most likely cannot edit previously done work after delivery unless you have purchased the project file for permanent retention.

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